20 Months In the Business - calendar

20 Months in the Business

20 Months In the Business

I published my first blog, how Krypton Environmental began, in August 2019. Oh I how I felt bright eyed  and excited for the future. Here was I with a new business, new prospects, new opportunities. So, it’s now February 2021 and what have we been up to?

20 Months In the Business - calendar

Covid-19 came

Well, nobody could have predicted the Covid-19 pandemic – horrific for the entire planet. I heard the phrase ‘we’re all in the same boat’ used a lot. And in a way, I agreed, until I heard someone say, ‘we’re in the same storm, not the same boat. Some have yachts and some have rafts’.  That made more sense. After all, every single person has had their own personal battles to fight during the pandemic.

A sense of panic

With the announcement of the first lockdown, I will admit I panicked and felt quite upset. ‘What have I done? I’ve left full-time employment to pursue, what looked now, like a selfish dream.’ These thoughts ran through my head.

Then hope grew when pest controllers were made key workers. That meant we could continue to help people with pest problems during their moments of isolation and fear.

I’m proud to have been able to help so many during the pandemic. Because if we cannot feel safe in our own homes, where can we feel safe?

Although COVID-19 has rapidly reduced business growth and reduced our income we’re also aware that our friends in the hospitality industry have it so much worse. Thus I’m so pleased that they now see some light at the end of the tunnel. And I for one will be supporting as many venues as possible.

Hospitality hit hard – and by extension that hit us

Part of our regular income is from our hospitality customers, and we have supported them as much as possible. Firstly, by not charging them for visits if they’re closed. And secondly, new customers have a pay as you go option, so they don’t have to commit their business to 12 or 24 months. They can hardly plan for next week let alone next year.

We also continue to provide free pest control to the Swindon Night Shelter at the Haven to ensure that the vital work they do is not put at risk by pest problems.

And me? Well 20 months in the business I’m doing okay, waiting for this whole nightmare to be over so I can start building the business. It’s hard for us all out there. Be kind and look after each other and when the PM gives us the green light, let’s meet, greet, and prosper.

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