2021: Ending on a Positive Note

2021: Ending on a Positive Note

15th December 2021

A Review of 2021

2021: Ending on a Positive Note
Back in February of this year we published
20 Months in the Business – a short review of our progress from bright-eyed-with-enthusiasm start-up to that point. I’m sure I’ll not surprise you when I say that the ride has been a bumpy one – what with the Covid19 pandemic and a period of personal illness. But hey – me and Krypton Environmental are still standing. So, with Christmas hurtling towards us faster than a rat running down a drainpipe, a 2021 review of the year is surely in order?
2021 Review of the Year

I’m sure we’re no different to many businesses in having experienced an up and down year -whether on a personal or business level. Yet I’m exiting 2021 with a heart full of optimism.

The highlight of my year by far has been watching the success of my brother Andy Richards. He started with me in June of this year and he’s completely immersed himself in the world of pest control. From being a trainee and shadowing me, he has become one heck of a pest control technician and an even better ambassador for the brand than I could imagine.

I’ve watched him nervously carry out tasks for the first time and then develop into a confident and empathetic technician. He’s now confident in the information he gives to customers and in the work he does.

His customer service is second to none and I haven’t had a single bad report about him. He has the ability to build a good rapport with domestic customers as well as building and maintaining excellent relationships with our commercial clients.

Always something to learn

In pest control, every day is a school day. I’ve been at this pest control thing for twelve years now but I’m always learning. My brother too is willing to learn so I see a bright future for him and for Krypton Environmental Ltd

A vote of thanks

I can’t let this blog pass without taking the opportunity to thank those who’ve supported us this year – friends, family, business associates and pest control colleagues. So that’s Killgerm Chemicals, Barrettine Environmental Health, British Pest Control Association (BPCA), Angela Atkinson (BA Hons), James Phipps, Will Kirkpatrick, and many others. Not forgetting of course every single one of our domestic and commercial clients all the way to the amazing property managers we work for. Without you all we’d have nothing. So we’re ending 2021 on a positive note. Let’s hope that 2022 is successful and prosperous for us all! 

About us

I chose the name Krypton Environmental because it combines my favourite DC superhero with the industry I love. And in which I love offering a personal and bespoke service. As the name suggests, whatever your pest problem – we are its kryptonite.

We offer our kryptonite pest control services to commercial and domestic clients in Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, operating to the highest standards expected by me, my customers and the BPCA.

So whether your needs are commercial or domestic give us a call and let’s see how we can help.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Christmas and a peaceful – and pest free new year!
Happy new year 2022

PS: if you missed it why not check out this fab article by Angela Atkinson, AKA Born Again Swindonian that gives a brief history of pest control?