Commercial Pest Control

Any type of pest can be damaging to your business, brand and reputation.

If you run a restaurant, pub or any food and beverage establishment, then public health, and perception is vital for success. In a world with social media platforms at our fingertips, negative reviews and pest sightings can be shared with the world within seconds of that customer leaving your restaurant.

You don't want to read reviews like this about your business...

Krypton Environmental are on hand to help ensure that this doesn't happen. By partnering with us, we can help to protect your brand and reputation, whilst helping to keep your premises safe and pest free.

We provide commercial pest prevention services to all industries including:

Warehousing and Manufacturing
Food and Beverage
Schools, Colleges and Universities
Industrial and Business Estates
Hospitals and Medical Facilities
Retail Units and Parks

We are also experienced in servicing clients who operate within high audit standards such as the British Retail Consortium.

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