Krypton Environmental … how it all started

Welcome to our first blog! I thought I would use this to introduce me, and the business, and give a bit of background as to how Krypton Environmental was born.

My name is John Richards, I'm 33, born and bred in Swindon. I left school at 15 and went straight into work at a local shoe shop where I spent 5 years. I left because I wanted to be a carer, and I went on to work with adults with physical disabilities, which I loved and came home with immense job satisfaction. I then spent 5 years at Swindon Borough Council working in Community Facilities, looking after and running a portfolio of 7 council run and managed community centres in the borough. Adjacent to that, I also worked in Civil Protection responded to major incidents in the borough and coordinating the council’s response.

I left the council in 2011 after uncertainty with job security during heavy redundancy periods. I spent some time doing temporary work, delivering car parts and industrial cleaning etc whilst applying for any permanent job available.

I had a response from a job that I completely forgot that I applied for. It was for a pest control technician at MITIE pest control. Sounds interesting!

I went for the interview and was offered the job soon after. Unknown to be, this would be the start of the rest of my life.

MITIE pest control taught me everything I needed to know about carrying out daily pest control treatments for commercial and corporate businesses and in 2012 I obtained my RSPH L2 award in pest management – the industry qualification.

After 2 years at MITIE, I decided I wanted to experience other areas in pest control, so I joined a local company based in Oxford called Attack. It was here that I learnt about domestic pest control treatments, signs and areas of possible ingress, and causes of most rodent and insect infestations.

I spent 5 years there and went off to look at pest control from yet another perspective. I joined ECOLAB as a pest control surveyor and my job was to visit existing clients with pest issues and offer the best solution and treatment plan for our technicians to carry out. I would also visit new clients and advise on how we could ensure that their business is kept pest free and safe.

I did, however, miss working “hands on” in pest control, and I missed the satisfaction of helping small businesses and homeowners with their pest problems, so after 2 years, I returned to Attack.

After a year back at Attack, I realised I had my own ideas and different ways I would do things. I saw new products on the market I wanted to try but were not made available to me. I realised, without knowing that I had a vision of what I wanted my own business to be.

So, I left in pursuit of starting my own pest control business……

The first thing I had to do, was find the money. Now it's important to mention that I have dyscalculia, so numbers don’t make sense to me. Dyscalculia is similar to dyslexia but instead of struggling with words, I struggle with numbers, and even simple equations and managing money can be difficult, so I sought help from a family member to put together my cash flow and profit and loss account.

Once I had this, along with a business plan, I sought on sourcing the funding for my business.

The first step was the bank who immediately said no, because of some things on my credit file. That was disheartening, but I was certain that someone out there would be interested in funding my business.

I then approached a company called Transmit Startups at which are a government backed scheme to help startup business with low interest startup loans.
It took some time getting all the paperwork together, and right. They help you through every stage of the process, keeping in regular contact and supporting you throughout.

3 months later, my loan was approved, and the money was in my bank a week later! Krypton Environmental was born.

I got started straight away getting things ordered, getting the website made, getting uniform, ordering stock, and purchasing a van. Straight away I applied for membership to the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) as I felt it was top priority that my customers knew that I work to a strict code of conduct expected from the BPCA as well as safe working practices when using pesticides.

After a meeting, an audit of my premises, and consideration from a board of directors, I was granted membership as a full serving member which was great for my business and my customers.

So here we are, offering pest control services to commercial and domestic clients in Swindon, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, operating to the highest standards expected by me, my customers and the BPCA.

Krypton Environmental combines my favourite DC Superhero with the industry I love, offering a personal and bespoke service.

Commercial or Domestic, give me a call, either for a chat, or to discuss your pest control needs.

Thanks for reading.

John Richards

01793 780600